Upgrade Your cardPresso License

6 versions available to meet all your needs

cardPresso has 6 different versions, allowing you to create all kinds of badges. These versions include features associated with the management of several types of databases (internal database, Excel, ODBC, etc.) and encoding (magnetic, contact, contactless). The Evolis Zenius and Primacy printers are supplied with the XXS lite and XXS versions respectively.
Depending on your card printing needs, bring your cardPresso license up to date to add new features!

How to change to a higher license version

  1. Contact your local Evolis reseller to discuss the type of upgrade you require and to make the purchase.

It is important to know your cardPresso license level when upgrading, which can be found in the menu "CP > About."

  1. Validate your new version.

The upgrade takes the form of a coupon containing the unique activation code. Enter the code in your software ("CP > cardPresso License" menu, then click "I have an upgrade coupon" which will make the input field appear).

Click "Check for updates" to instantly validate your code (requires an Internet connection) and your new cardPresso version will come into effect.

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