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cardPresso ID card software is the ultimate tool for your professional ID card production in a user friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases with and without photos, it also includes native support for XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT connections.

Create amazing cards using predefined templates and the clipart library, also available numerous shapes for easy design card layouts.

XS adds, among other features, .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database connection in order for you to use your existing database and take advantage for print cards in a batch sequence. 

Database View available to manipulate record by record and to have a global view of all records.

Link Image to DB field feature allows you to link a database field to an image from your disk showing it on card area, an easy feature to manipulate Excel and CSV files with images from your users.

Locate records and print them by using the Find Records section, speed up record browsing and search. 

For a detailed comparison of all features within each CardPresso version see our comparison chart under "Compare CP Editions" in the top menu.

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