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CardPresso XS
CardPresso XS

CardPresso XS Upgraded ID Card Software - CP1100

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Part Number:CP1100
  • Special Features:1D BARCODES (TYPE 39, TYPE 47, ETC)
  • Special Features: MAGNETIC ENCODING
  • Special Features:IMAGE ACQUISITION
  • Compatibility:Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X Intel 64 bit Processor
CardPresso XS Edition - Mfg Part Number CP1100

Simplify the entire ID card creation process with CardPresso XS Software, the all-in-one ID card printing solution. This entry-level software edition is built with the tools you’ll need to produce quality, professional-looking cards every time, complete with pre-defined templates, clipart, and comprehensive graphic and design libraries. Easily start creating one- or two-sided plastic cards with your company’s branding elements as well as personalized employee information. 

Not only is CardPresso XS software Windows compatible, it’s also an industry first with Mac OSX compatibility. And if your card printing changes or grows over time, CardPresso XS features seamless upgrades to higher, more detailed editions. Each includes free automatic updates when they become available.

Print on one side or both sides of your card – in small, medium, or large batches – and enjoy consistent, reliable card quality. 

User-friendly interface with versatile design tools
CardPresso XS was designed with an intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interface that displays real-time changes as you make them – quickly and seamlessly guiding you through the entire card design creation process. From adding a logo or image to selecting the exact colors, font, and text you want displayed on a card, designing a high-quality ID card couldn’t be easier.

Import logos, images, and clipart in a variety of formats to comprehensively customize your card’s design. Best of all, the preview function gives you a true representation of exactly what your card will look like once it’s printed.

With the built-in editor design tool, you can easily manipulate and adjust images with precision, giving you the flexibility to control:
  • color balance
  • brightness
  • contrast 
  • monochrome conversions
You can also:
  • crop
  • flip
  • rotate
  • resize 
Database connections and filtering
CardPresso Software XS has a standard internal database that features photo connection and holds unlimited records which makes data management and protection more convenient. The powerful database tools help you create records, link an image to a field, plus browse, filter, find, and edit records.

Additionally, CardPresso XS comes equipped with .XLS, XLSX, .CSV, and .TXT database connections. To connect directly to .XLS and .XLSX database files, you can easily establish a connection with the Direct Excel File driver that’s included. Access and open read-only files using the included Direct .CSV and .TXT File driver. 

Encoding and security
Create 1D barcodes, QR (Quick Response) codes, and magnetic stripe encoding for a trusted layer of security for your ID cards with CardPresso XS Software. In addition, you can add the cardholder’s signature for an extra level of ID recognition and security. 

Simple installation and upgrades
Delivered on a USB key (“flash drive”), CardPresso XS downloads and installs on your computer in a matter of only a few minutes so you can get started creating your ID cards right away. Upgrades to advanced versions can be made at any time, quickly and conveniently, should your business needs change. Simply load CardPresso software onto your computer with the included USB key. CardPresso provides free and responsive technical support. In addition, supportive online tutorials, videos, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available.

Ideal for:
  • Corporate ID cards
  • Access control cards
  • Company badges
  • Photo ID cards
  • Visitor badges
  • Student ID cards
  • Membership cards

CardPresso XS Software Specifications

Printing CapabilityFull-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
Batch printing
DatabaseInternal database with unlimited records
Encoding1-D (linear) barcodes
Magnetic encoding options
Card ManagementImport images
Integrated photo capture
Add unlimited data fields
OptionsUpgrade to XM, XL or XXL editions
System Requirements800MHz Intel® Processor
512MB of RAM
500MB of free disk space
1024x768 monitor resolution
1 USB Port

Compatible Operating Systems:
Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac OS X (Intel processor only)

You will receive a CardPresso XXS version software pen with a pre-loaded upgrade to the XS version.

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