CardPresso is supported by a world-wide team of experts dedicated to your success with our software.  Customers may contact CardPresso in any region listed below for full support of any issues with your software, installation or upgrades.

One of our main concerns is to support and help our customers to get to best of cardPresso software, for that reason we are always looking forward to improve our communication channels. If you have any doubts or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us.

In the US and Canada you may contact the CardPresso support team directly at the following toll free number:

(+1) 888 2347293 (TOLL FREE)

  • Pacific Time Zone: Monday – Friday - 8AM - 10 AM
  • Central Time Zone: Monday – Friday - 8AM - 12 PM
  • Eastern Time Zone: Monday – Friday - 8AM - 1PM

You may also contact us through email or Skype for direct support:

email: [email protected]  skype: